Archangel Farm Services


NDVI Images

Archangel Farm Services flies over farm lands, taking pictures with specialized cameras.

The images taken by these cameras reveal the health of your crops with speed and precision.

Bare Soil Thermal

In pictures like this, the cool-blue areas show soil that is holding more moisure, while the warm-red areas dried out quickly.

Show us which fields are yours.

We have a handy map to make it easy.

  • Go to our map page
  • Enter an address or BLM filed identifier
  • Outline your field with a few clicks
  • Send us your field outlines and we'll follow up with you
  • We don't ask for any payment information until we've talked with you and you place an order

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We fly over and image your fields.

You can track your order on our site.

When you sign up, your field outlines and orders are kept in a protected file, making it easy for you to keep track of your images and order follow-up work.

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